Welcome beautiful souls, my name is Vilma Vanessa (Vi.VA). I am a Believer, Entrepreneur, Digital Studies B.A/ Content Creator, Personal Trainer, Herbalife Coach, Mindfulness Fanatic, Nueroplasticity devotee, all natural Athlete and life enthusiast. There are so many reasons for the creation of this site, however the main goal is to open minds to renew faith in the self and create new visions/ new worlds with in those whom indeed crave a different life experience.

We are all at some point in our inner child state, where we see foggy and thoughts are running through like a non stop train, feeling as if control over anything is slipping through your finger tips. Changing the life we live is sometimes not an option however, changing/ rewiring the mind is an everyday choice. Fitness is the best example, let me explain: Those who choose to be better physically seek the gym or healthier nutrition; we make that choice everyday; the same choice a person can make with their thoughts. Positive thinking at times does not come easy due to our life experiences and at times that’s just the way we were brought up BUT in the end, it is a choice. Other times, it could be the people that surround us and many other times is all the blame & guilt we carry, intertwined with not being able to forgive those who have wronged us. Please know and realize, this is okay! There is a process of letting go and re inventing anything that hinder your mind at one point.

Indira Ganghi states, “The power to question is the basis of all human progress”.

When I first began blogging in 2014, my URL was called : “Love is in your soul” and the first person who saw it, laughed. I promise you, that hurt more than getting punched in the gut & trust me when I say Rugby taught me I can really take a punch. I had organically created it and spent countless hours designing it. Still resilient, I posted it on Facebook and did not get much replies but the views did not lie. I quickly realized many people love “love”, yet have a hard time loving the self. Maybe it’s cliche for many, but I have blossomed and pat myself in the back for gritting out the mud and fighting for peace in my mind/life, to the point I want as many people as possible to realize they can too! Thank you all that confide in me; Much love and light your way <3