Health · December 27, 2021

Creating a vision board is essential with setting goals

Most times it helps visualize aspirations a lot more clear

It reinforces what you already want in life by focusing on the details: who what why when where how but with pictures 🙂

By developing your timeline on the vision board, you begin to tap in ease and not feel so congested with “all going on”.

Creating a vision board can help stay on track by visually noting your goals and touching the emotional end of it (what you feel when you think of__/what you will feel when you get __)

Here are some more ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

1. If you are learning to play the Piano, take a photo of you sitting by one with your fingers on the keys.

2. Want to become more physically flexible? Find a picture of some advanced yoga poses.

3.  Looking to form a habit of daily meditation? Get someone to take a photo of you in your meditation position.

4. Want to get a promotion at work? Copy and paste your email signature, change the job title to the one you want, and print it off.

5. Are you about to publish a book? Print the front cover and put a 5-star Amazon rating below it.

After all, the vision board is something that should get you fired up! The passion you can feel while creating the bored can stay alive throughout the journey and spur you into action. Every.Single.Day.”