Fitness / Health · November 3, 2021

Think Bigger

“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us” JOHNDRYDEN

Week N.3’s focus is on Goals. Naturally, humans work better when there is something to look forward to. Goals enhance productivity. They bolster self-esteem. And most of all, goals increase commitment, so you’re more likely to achieve whatever you set out to conquer. Write down:

In the present tense and in full detail: What you want your life to look like:

Make sure to use all 5 senses:

Sight — Touch — Hearing — Taste — Smell.

Write down how much money you will earn and what services or value you will provide for others to acquire that money. Write down in full detail how the following areas of your life will be: health, finance, recreation, business family, and spiritual life. This were being mindful comes in. Describe why you enjoy life and how your future attitude , self-confidence and mind-set will be. Describe it as a movie playing inside your head. Describe it so beautifully that you will want read it and visualize it everyday. this part is vital, visualization.

To do this there will be a couple of changes to ponder on. For instance, the skills you want to master to achieve your goals, habits to change and learn to achieve the small goals as well. one step at a time. There will also be a time you will need to find courage and remove excess trash, those people who influence your life in a negative way. Figure out who you want to spend more time with for the right reasons. habits you want to change, unlearn and master. Find a circle that thinks like you and if you cant its okay! However, a good circle will keep you accountable. Good genuine people want to see your greatness and will keep you accountable.

Last thing. Promise.

This is a lot of self reflection and In order to be better and reach different levels in life we also have to notice and acknowledge what is holding us back. Write down the reasons you believe you are not yet successful:

Whats holding you back?

What limiting belief is holding you back ?

“you can not change your destination overnight , but you can change our direction overnight” – JIMROHN