Health · December 29, 2021

Take Action

Taking action every single day is a must! Yes, there will be those days that you will just have to make yourself go/do, and that’s perfectly okay! I used to get so overwhelmed with upcoming due dates, deadlines, and anything of importance. Once I realized that in order to promote good work, your mind can not be at chaos.

Throughout my lifetime of living in a lot of drama/chaos (story for another day) I have learned that in order to live a happy and joyful life, it is important to set goals for every part of your life. Choose to set goals for your inner and outer world; Spiritual, Personal Growth, Relationships, Career and Business, Fun and recreation Goals, Money, Family and most important health: Mental heath and physical health. Whooo! seems like a little, a lot right? How I felt when I first began this journey.. Do not fret! this is exactly why I took on this project, to guide you in the best way possible!

Tracking progress gives you an idea of how you can be better next month/next week/ tomorrow. Self-development is Taking Action on a broad scale, monthly action planning to a minuscule scale; weekly/daily action planning. Chunk bigger goals into smaller goals and make a mind map for your daily action plan. let me provide you with a couple of templates I’ve use in the past, make sure you download ! 🙂

These are just basic ways to get you started. I Hope this website and short reads finds you comfort and a sense of peace <3

Thank you for taking the time to read these blogs 🙂

Everyday, choose to do just ONE thing that will get you closer to your goal. Remember, Today is another you won’t have tomorrow !”