Fitness / Health · December 31, 2021

Feel Good, Manifest Fast; Reflect & Celebrate

Haven’t you noticed that when one thing goes wrong, everything else after that seems to just keep falling apart? let me put it this way, you wake up, make your coffee and as you’re placing the water in the coffee maker you spill it, then by trying to clean up the small mess, you hit the coffee mug close to the pot (for whatever reason it's there) and it breaks; then you really begin to feel that rage that was at one point just lingering. To make matters worse, your dog poops inside because he cant hold it due to the negligence of this morning. . . and now you’re late for work. The best part is that during traffic, every light seems to love the color red that day. But why that day ?!

Then we have those days that everything is just so perfect ! Coffee taste and smells amazing, the sun is brighter than usual and you dog is patiently waiting for you to take him potty, traffic is traffic but its moving plus the jams are on point ! & then you think of your best friend and all of a sudden he/she calls. That good feeling just keeps nesting into every thing youre investing time/thoughts/words into. You walk into work and there are donuts and tacos and it just happened that you forgot your meal at home. You have a glow and people tell you, so now you give them a compliment and they give someone else one etc etc. Can you see where this is going? The good feeling keeps going.

Ever happen to you? Ever wondered why we have good days and bad days ? Ever wonder, if there is such thing as being happy all the time ?! or if you can manipulate the energy in order to fit your ideal life style ? shooooo I have, and I’ve wondered so deep into this I have invested over 6 years of studies and practice: Took many classes in the fields of cognitive sciences, nuerology, phenomenology, and mindfulness/meditation while I was getting my Digital Studies/ Communications degree at UMW. I had to see it through, “what if I can actually wrap my mind around this phenomena and I can help others feel good and be happy too?” , I pondered. Today, I am an addict.

Feeling good is a choice. No, I am not belittling your problems, all I am saying is that there will always be problems so why endure them with malice or negativity when you can change your mindset, use the power of neuroplasticity to rewire those brain cells and train your brain for those specific moments, the bad ones. In the NCAA when we practiced, my coach always reminded us, even at practice, we are playing in a game. He would scream across the field, “how you practice is how you will play!“. We can not dictate life, however – we can definitely dictate how we will respond to the problem or situation at hand. That’s why is called practice. We work and work that we forget to invest in ourselves. The brain needs to be exercised. You think Einstein just sat in his chair puffing a blunt and magic happened ? NO sir ! there needs to be a guide, a Roadmap. The last couple of blogs are just a couple of ways to begin manifesting these “feel good” days everyday. Happiness is a choice, like looking fine like wine is too & like everything worth anything, it takes time. time takes time, understanding takes time, and we never stop learning.

Murphy’s law states, that anything that can go wrong at sea generally does go wrong sooner or later. Sooo.. YOLO! jk jk ! fr jk ! This just means that there is no control over everything or this is how I interpret this law. Therefore, reflecting on your life is a must. We must understand the self. The ego has to be let go. It really is all about love and giving love. Trying to control others, is not love, that’s your ego. Trying to control situations is also absurd, thus learn to feel good anywhere at anytime and the energy will be seamless. Now a days, things happen and I just laugh, I go to a place alone, and go with the intention of clearing my mind to let any revelation of solutions come my way. I might even sound like I am crazy, and that’s okay, I don’t mind anymore. I celebrate myself everyday. I celebrate the process and my mindset now.