Health · March 31, 2022

Now I’m all the way me; don’t be mad cuz im free”

There are those still fighting to be liberated in a free country. Just think about that for a second … re read it if you must. We often tap out when our mental is strained and weak. No I am not talking any mess, but if words or thoughts that sometimes are not even yours can cut you – we have a long way to go. Honestly, thats perfectly okay ! Being free is more of a feeling and most days a choice; a feeling that at times I find so hard to express but I will try and a choice I must stick to.

During my trials and tribulations (they’re not over lol) I could not see past my struggle. I sometimes could not see past people I claimed to love and those that hurt me – pondering their actions.  I could not get past situations that did not go my way and/or move forward. Being free is being able to find solutions to all problems, because there always is a solution even if it’s to an extreme; anything can be. Freedom, is being able to conjugate with any soul and only vibrating positivity regardless of what is. What is simply, is. Being free is being who you are at any given time but also being aware that change is inevitable and we move with the waves, with the current; We adapt to change, change of season and change of people. Being free is being happy w the self. Learning and re-learning who you are; no one can tell you otherwise.

We are constantly evolving, our brain cells do not stop growing; we do not stop learning, unless thats <ofc> what you want or choose w/out knowing what you might be doing… (not growing in any aspect of life that is) Being free is a notion we accept when we stop letting people dictate the next or dictate the thought of who you are , through them— their thoughts. Being free mentally is a choice, like happiness like choosing to work out or simply choosing to be a better person. Not letting “them” live “rent free” in your mental, is honestly the best thing that can happen to the self. 

Be free