Health · October 25, 2021

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Awareness and self-discovery is about asking yourself questions that will unwrap a different vision. Some may already do this on a daily basis however for those that don’t here are some that can help guide your thought process. Writing these down if it is your first time is recommended. 

What would I want to experience in life if time and money were not an issue?

How do i want to grow?

If i achieve all my life goals, how would i feel? How can i feel that along the way?

what’s my passion? What is important or what do i value more in life?

What are my top 5-10 achievements?

What brings me the most joy and sense of peace in life?

At this point you’d want to set S.M.A.R.T goals:






Dont forget to set goals for the inner self as well. To live a happy and joyful life. Creating a mind map for your goals. Relearn what your heart truly desires, and ask yourself why all the time. Remember to reward yourself after achieving your goals. Most importantly reprogram your mind and unlock your true potential. Set positive affirmations, know what your distractions/fears are, and take action to rewire your brain and change it. Free will <3 

+++ I was looking for a picture to add to this post, and I clicked on that said “Everything is Consciousness” & this was (to me) the best part of the article.

“In the general aspect, consciousness is considered to being just aware, aware of yourself, aware of others, aware of your surroundings, etc. Being aware, or awareness is having the ability to be notice, react to and interact with self, others and surroundings.

It is difficult to pinpoint what exactly constitutes consciousness and awareness. This has led to various philosophical discussions on the matter. For example: if a robot seems to react to its environment, is it considered to have consciousness and awareness? Or is it negated because it is programmed to some extent? Then again isn’t a person’s consciousness and awareness programmed to some extent by their peers?”

Despite these deep ended question. being aware of the self is, what is most important.