Health · November 9, 2021


Each of us has our own unique core values, purpose, and desired direction, but often we don’t know exactly what they are. That’s why we can benefit from having a Mission and Vision statement ready to GO! —something that gives us clarity about how we want to live our lives and ultimately achieve personal fulfillment and well-being. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to explore your mission:

What impact do you want to have in the world? 

How do you want to make an impact? 

Who do you want to have an impact on?

What makes you feel most happy and alive?


Vision statement:

A vision statement describes what you want to achieve in the future.

The vision statement answers the question “Where do I want to be?”

It defines the optimal desired future state—the mental picture—of what you want to achieve over time, say in five, ten or more years.

It inspires you to give your best and shapes your understanding of why you are doing what you do.

The first blog has more questions that will pick your brain and help you self-evaluate to create a perfect vision and mission for you <3 The importance to develop a vision and mission, is simply direction. It helps with purpose and to reason with your existence as well as what core values need to be practiced more and live by. It is an integral part that helps to set priorities, allocate resources, and ensure that we are working on our goals, thus providing a road-map to the future.

There are those times, and at one point for me “most times” where my brain will trick me into thinking I can not do something, all my failures catch up and my energy is at an all time low. Thats where these strategies help us stay focused on the Goal on the better future you YOURSELF are creating In your own beautiful and unique way <3