It’s the part of your life where you’re left with only your heart that you realize exactly what you are. Believe it or not, Life has taken me into a confusing and dramatic journey to fully understand how this world works. I’m not saying, I know it all because I know I don’t. However, I have realized that the energy that surrounds our everyday bubble is sufficient enough to change and alter our focus and emotional state. I often used to get so irritated with people so quickly, humanity was bothering my soul. Regardless, that is what we are — humans. I truly believe it is crucial to have at least 2-3 good people we are able to confide in and be your unconscious self. Your true self. Not hide or think twice about what will be said next. Not only is walking on eggshells toxic, it changes the way you can view yourself. Don’t let another person’s dream shadow yours. Women today make a big mistake in allowing others to gain and gain and forget what it is like to invest in oneself to the point we can feel selfish. I only speak to the ones that relate to my soul.  I had to dig deep in the roots of my life and grasp on to what I can mentally proclaim. A God given gift to understand we are truly the captain of our life; That my courage to move forth, my will to make things happen, and strength to not give up was all i had left. I sought deeper and knew there is nothing that can stop me but the Lord himself. Staying along the lines of the topic, and to put it in a different perspective, we go through different dimensions. The waves come in different lengths and forms. I have felt mine shift every time I AM BLESSED WITH GAINS for my future and goals. My thoughts were once energy, they were to some, nothing. Now, slowly, I have been watching all my energy manifest into the materialism of the realm we currently live in. Your voice is worth being heard. Many times we don’t gain respect we have to take it. Speak up and be highly impact lives in positive ways. To the point people are addicted to your energy and state of being.


A couple of ways to begin this process can be to first, tap into your mental and organize your thoughts. Being mentally organized will help life unnecessary stresses that might just be misunderstood over-thought of. Your spirit is what people are attracted to. As human beings we need to be spiritually activated and seek righteousness. Feed your spirit positivism and thorough thoughts in order to reciprocate that into the world you are currently living in. Physically present and being self aware is most important. I once heard; If you’re living in the past you are depressed, if you’re living in the future you are anxious, if you’re living in the future you are at peace.

Peace is the root of love, the root of kindness.